Cosmetic Dentistry

           More and more people are becoming familiar with and curious about cosmetic dentistry. With advances in the field, cosmetic dentistry is no longer the province of models, actors, the very wealthy, and those willing to commit the considerable time, resources and discomfort that were once required. Today anyone can significantly improve the attractiveness of his or her smile, easily and with little or no discomfort.

           A bright smile can undoubtedly be the most eye-catching feature of your face The most disarming feature of an individual๏ฟฝs personality is the quality of his/her beautiful, free flowing smile. If one has discoloured, chipped or missing teeth, one may be reluctant to show a gummy smile with parted lips lest it is unattractive; or they may resort to covering their mouth with their hand whenever laughter cannot be avoided.

           A cosmetic dentist can give you the attractive face and the beautiful smile you have ever dreamed. Appreciative expressions on the faces of people you often meet or otherwise, works as mirror that how even a subtle change can make a big difference in the way you look and feel. You use your teeth every time you smile, laugh, kiss, speak, chew and in every professional and social situation. The modern techniques of smile enhancement are in the easy domain of Cosmetic Dentistry, gaining the confidence and self-esteem in the current times has become affordable.


           There are techniques to deal with discoloured, chipped, gapped, crooked or missing teeth. New techniques of today like easy going bleaching or super-fast whitening, dental bonding for chipped or discoloured teeth, enamel shaping, veneers, life-like dental caps (crowns)/ bridges, white fillings, smile designing, dental implants and braces to create a beautiful smile with minimal changes to existing teeth. In severe cases, orthodontics treatment may be needed. This is a specialized branch of dentistry that corrects jaw and teeth misalignments. Contact us for further information and advice on substantially improving the look of your smile from our panel of experienced professionals in the Esthetic/Aesthetic/Cosmetic Dentistry

           Here are some of the options cosmetic dentistry, combined with today๏ฟฝs technology, can now offer:


Smile Design Evalution

Your Smile Design Evaluation begins with an in-office examination and a personal consultation. The consulting cosmetic dentist will discuss your needs and concerns, and answer all of your questions. Your lip line, facial shape, jaw angle, and eye symmetry are examined. Radiographs, impressions, or photographs may be taken. Each of these elements is essential in designing the most beautiful “natural smile” for each individual patient.

After your Smile Design Evaluation is complete, our dentist will plan a Smile Makeover. The philosophy behind is to use the most conservative dental techniques available to create your perfect smile, the smile you deserve. Every case needs to be planned out to the finest detail, before the chosen celebrity.



Since many aspects and angles of your current smile are taken into consideration, your Smile Makeover may also include a combination of treatments that may be right for you. Most are relatively simple procedures that are conservative, painless, fast, and surprisingly affordable. Aesthetic eye in the our dentist will quickly repair chips, fill in spaces, and camouflage stains to give you a new smile that would have otherwise required years of braces and months of surgery and dental work. Your beautiful smile can be created in as little as one or two days, so you, too, can enjoy the benefits of cosmetic dentistry.

Your smile is as personalized as your signature, and can make or break that critical first impression. Your smile is a statement about who you are. The course of treatment will however determine as to how many subsequent visits will be necessary. For simple laser teeth whitening cases, the Doctor Smile Diode Laser treatments of about an hour, will make the result last up to several years under honest caring regimen.


There are other ways available to whiten your teeth, for example with the use of Lasers, which may be quicker. The advantage of the ‘sleeve’ method, though, is that you have greater control over the colour. Laser teeth whitening or bleaching is a procedure in which a translucent bleaching gel is applied to the teeth and a laser light is used to activate the crystals in the gel. This allows the gel to penetrate into the enamel and brighten the teeth. It is quite simple, cost-effective, permanent technique for obtaining a desired dazzling, whiter smile in office or at home in just a matter of days, without altering the shape and size of the teeth.

Laser teeth whitening utilizes the latest dental technology to provide instant results for its patients. This dental procedure can be completed in a single visit ๏ฟฝ 1 hour and can be performed in a dentist๏ฟฝs office. The biggest advantage of obtaining laser teeth whitening is that having whiter teeth increases the beauty of your smile. Everybody appreciates a nice smile. A great smile makes a favorable impression on others and makes an individual feel better about the way that they look.


porcelain crowns for patients who wish to fix a cracked or fractured tooth, or improve the look and function of discolored or worn teeth. Our crowns are made entirely of porcelain, a strong and durable material that works well to duplicate the look and function of natural teeth. Most crown placements will require two appointments: one to prepare the tooth, create a mold of the tooth, and place a temporary crown, and a second to place the porcelain crown.

Are custom, porcelain facings that are bonded to the front surfaces of teeth to close spaces, repair chipped or worn out teeth, straighten teeth or even whiten teeth. The veneers are generally only about 1 mm thick (the thickness of a fingernail). That same thickness is “shaved” off the natural tooth surface so when the veneer is bonded to the tooth, the tooth doesn’t feel or look “thicker”. Once the cement is between the veneer and your tooth, a light beam is used to harden it. Porcelain veneers require more than one visit because they are fabricated in a laboratory. Veneers have a longer life expectancy and color stability than bonding. Veneers are used to treat some of the same problems as bonding. This treatment is an alternative to crowns, which are more expensive.

Make your smile attractive both inside and out by replacing old, silver amalgam fillings that have gone dark with age with natural tooth colored inlay or onlays.

Are in vogue today, as replacement for silver fillings. The tooth coloured fillings material look successfully natural with the adjacent tooth and more aesthetic. Since teeth are translucent, dark fillings cause the whole tooth to appear darker when viewed from the side. Replacing older dark fillings with white fillings definitely enhance the glow in your smile! Another advantage is that less healthy part of a tooth must be removed to hold this filling in place. These fillings require only a single visit. Besides looking better, these teeth are now more resistant to fracture.

are a long-term option for tooth replacement; Replacement of one missing tooth, several teeth or an entire arch of teeth has become possible through tested technology, which has proven that with proper maintenance and care. This is a specialised field of dentistry, more by way of training and experience, performed by Prosthodontists, Periodontists or Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons. A missing tooth can be replaced with a dental implant rather than a partial denture. A small titanium screw is fixed into the jaw and the crown or tooth is fitted. In time, the screw becomes fused (osseointegeration) with the bone of the jaw.

The diode laser is the best instrument to use when the gum surgery is of cosmetic nature. This type of laser is a solid-state diode laser that uses micron fiber that can be directed toward soft tissue that enables to shape the gums to the proportions. This type of treatment doesn’t cause a lot of damage to the soft tissues of the mouth and it also makes recovery easier and faster.

Lasers are often used to correct such anomaly as a “gummy” type of smile. After making sure that the patient is relaxed – through use of nitrous oxide, for example – the tissue can be sculpted by using continuous laser stream. Once the tissue is removed from the teeth, the doctor is able to sculpt it properly to create the right proportions, height and width-wise.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?
Also known as “esthetic dentistry,” cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry that implements many different procedures to improve the beauty of your smile.

Can existing porcelain crowns or veneers be bleached?
No, porcelain does not change color when exposed to dental bleach.

How long should bonding last?
Bonding lasts 3-5 years, depending on wear and tear.

How long do porcelain veneers last?
When properly maintained, porcelain laminates or porcelain veneers can last in excess of 10 years (10 years is the approximate average).

Why do people choose porcelain veneers over bonding?
Laminates look more realistic than dental bonding, and they do not stain. They also feel more natural, are more durable, and are stronger than bonding composites.

Can dental veneers or dental crowns give me lip support?
If porcelain veneers are built out with bulk, they can deliver lip support, provided it does not interfere with function and local biology.

How do you get rid of spaces between teeth?
You can get rid of spaces between the teeth with porcelain veneers or dental bonding. Porcelain Crowns may be used to fix more severe gaps between teeth.

Does it hurt to have teeth prepared for veneers?
No. Preparing teeth for veneers is a painless, two-visit procedure. Local anesthesia can be given to highly sensitive patients, but is usually not necessary.

What are the advantages of porcelain veneers versus orthodontic treatment?
A Orthodontic treatment takes 18 months to 2 years and often requires braces, while porcelain veneers correct crooked teeth in just two visits.