Porcelain Crowns

These are similar to porcelain veneers but work well on teeth that are weaker, worn or more brittle and have very little tooth structure left. Unlike veneers, porcelain crowns are laser bonded all the way around the tooth to add a lot more strength and durability to the weaker tooth structure. The strength is in the bonding ๏ฟฝ your natural tooth and the new metal free porcelain crown become ๏ฟฝone๏ฟฝ with today๏ฟฝs laser bonding materials and techniques. Although gold or metal crowns are still used in today๏ฟฝs dentistry, they are not used as frequently in cosmetic dentistry. Because unlike metal free porcelain crowns, gold or metal crowns require removal of healthy tooth structure for retention. Due to the advancements in dental materials and techniques, a more conservative approach to tooth reduction is made possible. Porcelain crowns have become more popular, natural looking and long lasting.

Is porcelain fragile?
No. The composite porcelain material used to construct your porcelain crown will be just as strong and durable as any metal or porcelain-fused-to-metal crown. Porcelain crowns are designed to perfectly mimic natural tooth enamel in every way. Not only will your porcelain crown look exactly like the rest of your natural teeth, but it will also perform exactly like your natural tooth would.

How long will my porcelain crown procedure take?

In order for you to receive your porcelain crowns, it usually takes two visits..During your first visit, your tooth will be prepared for the porcelain crown. This process requires that the decayed or damaged portion of the tooth be removed, and the rest of the tooth shaped so that the porcelain crown can cover the remaining tooth down to the gumline.

After the tooth has been prepared, a mold will be taken of the area to be sent to a dental lab, where your porcelain crown will be custom made to correct your unique problems. When the mold has been created, a temporary crown will be placed on your tooth to protect it while your permanent porcelain crown is being constructed.

It usually takes one week for the custom porcelain crown to be created; when they arrive back at our center, you will be invited back to have the permanent porcelain crown bonded to your tooth. The result will be a porcelain restoration that looks and performs just like a healthy, natural tooth.

How long will my porcelain crowns last?
With proper care and maintenance, your porcelain crown will last for many years. After you have received your porcelain crown, it is important that you maintain routine dental visits, and you continue to brush and floss regularly. If you take care of your porcelain crown, it can last up to 10-20 years.

Are porcelain crowns as strong as metal crowns?
Yes. Porcelain crowns are created out of strong, durable porcelain composites that perfectly mimic the strength, function, and appearance of your natural teeth. Porcelain crowns are developed to be just as strong as metal or porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns, and they last just as long once they are in place.

Can my porcelain crowns be whitened later on?
No. Generally, porcelain crowns cannot be whitened additionally after they have been placed. However, if you would like to whiten your teeth, you can have a tooth whitening procedure performed before you receive your crown, and then have the crown created to match your newly whitened teeth.